Screen printing - for the Automatic Production of Super Capacitors

Cellergy’s patented printing technology is based on conventional screen or stencil printing techniques. It enables the automatic construction of Super Capacitors that are manufactured in large wafers of EDLCs and cut into final dimensions. Developed and implemented by Cellergy, the automatic process and machinery reduces the human resources needed, making Super Capacitors more affordable for additional applications, where the original high price of Super Capacitors limited its use.

The basis of the technology is a printable electrode paste, consisting of high surface area activated carbon mixed with aqueous electrolytes and other additives. The paste is printed as an electrode matrix structure on an electronically conductive film (the current collector). The electrode is then encapsulated with a porous ionic conducting separator, and another electrode matrix is printed on a second current collector, creating a unit capacitor. By repeating the printing and assembly process, a multi-layered capacitor (bipolar Super Capacitor constructed by alternately layering electrode material and separators) is created, consisting of stacked unit capacitors connected in series.

Cellergy’s technology ensures the production of capacitors in different dimensions, shapes and voltages, making the product customizable as per customer requirement. The operating voltage of the Super Capacitor may be increased by repeating the printing process as many times as required.  More notably, the innovative printing technology developed by Cellergy has enabled the production of the smallest footprint (12*12.5 mm) pulse Super Capacitor in today's market, enabling the Super Capacitor to be incorporated in space-limited designs.

Cellergy produces prismatic Super Capacitors in several sizes: 12*12.5mm, 17*17mm, 28*17mm and 48*30mm (additional sizes are available). The height varies upon the voltage from 2mm in low voltage to 10mm in 15 Volts. The capacitance varies from 7mF to 700mF. Larger products have a larger capacitance.