The Cellergy Super Capacitor is an Aqueous Electrolyte Pulse Application Super-capacitor for high current pulse transmission. It was developed to operate as a bridge between electrolyte capacitors and batteries. The Super Capacitor has high power relative to batteries and is capable of producing a high current pulse. It also has high energy relative to regular capacitors and is capable of accumulating a higher charge.

Cellergy's Super Capacitors are produced at an attractive rate of voltages in varied shapes and to specific dimensions. They are easily customized to unique space needs (if produced in large volumes). Since Cellergy produces the smallest footprint (12x12.5mm), even space-limited designs can be accommodated.

Cellergy Super Capacitors are used for the following applications:

  • Medical applications: DC Motor for infusion, pump, monitoring devices
  • Consumer applications: GPS, DSC, PDA, PC Cards
  • RF applications: AMR, GPS-GSM, WIFI, RFID, GPRS, ZIGBEE
  • Backup or current booster for mechanical applications: DC Motor
  • Energy harvesting

In all applications, Cellergy Super Capacitors are used:

  • To assist the power source to produce high current pulses
  • To extend the lifetime of a battery for maximum exploitation
  • To extend secondary battery operation

Cellergy’s Super Capacitors are low ESR, high frequency EDLCs that are capable of storing large amounts of energy. The technology is based on aqueous components that are all environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Additionally, all Cellergy Super Capacitor products can perform within a range of -40 ⁰ C - +70 ⁰C, and are unaffected by humidity.

The Cellergy Super Capacitors consist of four footprints: the L12, L17, L28 and L48 (see Line Card), and there is also the option for specific customization. All Cellergy Super Capacitors feature the following characteristics:


Cellergy Super Capacitor

Working voltage

Spacing at (1.4V-18V)


Not required


10 -100’s mF


Selectable down to 12mm x 12.5mm

Operating temperature

-40 ⁰C to +70 ⁰C

SMT Assembly



10’s – 100’s mΩ


Environmentally friendly materials, no toxic fumes upon burning, RoHS compliant


10’s of Amps, short pulse width


No polarity

Number of charge/discharge cycles

over 500000

Thanks to the innovative patented printing technique (link to screen printing technique) and automated manufacturing process, Cellergy is a world class leader in the field of Super Capacitors. Cellergy Super Capacitors provide the cost- effective solution to almost all electronic challenges:

Typical problem


High voltage drop

Destroys the power supply
Leads to device malfunction

Low operating temperatures

Leads to low voltage output

Voltage delay phenomenon

Leads to low voltage output

Increased passivation layer

Destroys the power supply

High internal resistance in batteries

Leads to low voltage output

Insufficient current pulse

Inability of device to function properly

High current pulse

Primary battery deterioration

Limited recharge cycles

Secondary battery deterioration

High leakage current

Shortens the life of the battery

Cellergy Super Capacitors are the choice for neutralizing these challenges, by continuously delivering the following benefits to its users:

Cellergy Super Capacitor Benefits

  • Widest voltage range available in the Super-capacitor market(1.4V-18V)
  • High capacitance in smallest footprint available, high density energy storage
  • Strong performance at low temperatures, extends operational range of batteries
  • Low ESR, enabling high current pulse and reducing ESR when used in conjunction with a battery
  • Fewer battery replacements, replacing batteries in some applications
  • One super capacitor can replace many regular capacitors
  • No balancing resistors required
  • No derating and no polarity
  • Reduces voltage drop
  • Infinite charging cycles versus limited secondary battery
  • Cost effective compared to alternatives
  • Customizable when produced in large volumes
  • Strong performance at low temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly