Applications Overview

Applications Overview

Cellergy’s Super Capacitors provide a cost effective solution to almost all challenges associated with battery use in electronic circuits:

Super Capacitors Solve Common Battery Application Limits:

Typical Problem


High voltage drop

Destroys the power supply (battery)

Leads to device malfunction

Low operating temperatures

Leads to low voltage output

Voltage delay phenomenon

Leads to low voltage output

Increased passivation layer

Destroys the battery and leads to voltage delay phenomenon

High internal resistance in batteries

Leads to low output voltage

Insufficient current pulse

Inability of device to function properly

High current pulses

Primary battery deterioration

Limited to finite recharge cycles

Secondary battery deterioration

Utilizing the Super Capacitor improves the “power” performance of mobile electronic devices. Adaptable to the specifications and dimensions of the client, the thin, prismatic Cellergy Super Capacitor can be utilized for a large number of applications. Teaming your battery with Cellergy's Super Capacitor not only extends the battery life and enhances its performance, but also leads to:

  • Better power - management
  • High current pulses
  • More environmentally friendly solution

As a result, Cellergy Super Capacitors are ideal for use within the following applications:

  • Consumer applications: Mobile, GPS, DSC, PDA, PC Cards, USB Audio Power Device
  • RF applications: AMR, GSM/GPRS , WIFI, RFID, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth, WiMax
  • Medical applications: Solenoid for infusion pump, monitoring devices
  • Energy harvesting: Wireless Nodes

Within all applications, Cellergy Super Capacitors are used to:

  • Assist the power source to produce high current pulses
  • Extend the lifetime of a battery for maximum exploitation
  • Extend secondary battery operation
  • Accumulate and transfer harvested energy



Cellergy Solution


Automated Meter Reader (AMR)

  • Broken passivation layer on lithium surface increases high leakage current, leading to battery exhaustion after 5-7 years.
  • Low performance in low temperature environment.
  • Coupling Cellergy Super-capacitor in parallel to battery.
  • Connect Supercapacitor to the load only during discharge.
  • Extends battery life
  • Allows proper devices functioning.

LED Flash

  • Short battery lifespan and underperformance of LED flash devices.
  • Coupling Cellergy Supercapacitor in parallel to battery.
  • Increases battery life.
  • Higher light output (brighter).



  • Typical GSM/GPRS transmitters exceed allowed current draw. As a result of internal resistance of supply lines, low output voltage is created.
  • Add Cellergy Supercapacitor in parallel to the power supply line.
  • Allows 2A current pulse necessary for proper performance.

Battery Operated Active RFID Tag

  • During transmission, high battery’s internal resistance causes high voltage drop, causing packet transmission disruption.
  • Add Cellergy Super-capacitor in parallel to Lithium battery.
  • Connect Cellergy Super-capacitor to the load only during discharge.
  • Extends battery lifetime.
  • Decreases voltage drop.


  • In many electro-mechanical devices, 2-3A peak current required. Typical Lithium battery not able to supply this.
  • Add Cellergy Super-capacitor in parallel to Lithium battery.
  • Allows necessary 2-3A peak current.
  • Decreases voltage drop.

USB Powered Devices

  • Audio power and quality degradation.
  • Add Cellergy Super-capacitor in parallel to USB Voltage.
  • Connect Cellergy Super-capacitor to the load only during discharge.
  • Causes an increase in peak power, leading to audio quality and power to improve.
  • Decreases voltage drop on USB port.

Energy Harvesting / Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

  • Batteries limited: constant recharging, frequent replacement, environmental concerns.
  • Replace battery with Cellergy Super-capacitor.
  • Buffers high power load from low power source.
  • Quick charging.
  • Continuously saves energy.